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who cares about grey skies and rain when we can look at tie dyed hair and model anastasia kuznetsova! these gorgeous colors were created by hairstylist and colorist raphael salley for the december 2009 issue of dazed and confused magazine.  very cool party hair.



peggy moffitt is one of my favorite icons from the 60’s!  look at how amazing all of these photos are.  the colors are great, her makeup is great and obviously her hair is great!  peggy was best known for acting as a muse to late designer rudi gernreich and for wearing vidal sassoon’s famous “five point” haircut. she actually still wears this cut today.  you can see a current photo of peggy and vidal by clicking here.


i love wendy rene so much i had to share two of her songs.  this is the kind of music i want to learn all of the words to, listen to really loud and sing AS LOUD AS I CAN! unfortunately she doesn’t have very much music out there but what she does have is magical.

wendy was scheduled for a final tour with otis redding (who also gave her the stage name wendy rene, born mary frierson) but canceled last minute to be with her new baby.  thankfully she did so because this was to be otis’ final tour also.  his plane crashed in madison, wisconsin killing everyone on board except the bar-kays member, ben cauley.  so sad.

i wish wendy had kept the party going and recorded more music.


willie ninga, from the “house of ninja” was best known for acting as madonna’s muse in her music video vogue and starring in the 1990 film, paris is burning.

i love paris is burning and i love tiefschwarz, therefore i LOVE this video. make sure you check out the crazy party hair around the 2:00 minute mark. for a more detailed descrption of the remix done by tiefschwarz you can click here


La chanteuse Jane Birkin

jane birkin was/is an especially darling woman.  best known for her relationship with longtime lover, collaborator, director and friend serge gainsbourg.  you can see him directing her in the movie je t’aime moi non plus (6 years prior they had recorded a duet together of the same title)

oh, and don’t worry, there will be more jane in the future…..


oh sharon stone.  what a fox.  her hair has gone through a lot of changes over the years and has usually managed to look fabulous.  i especially loved her hair and outfits and basically everything in martin scorsese’s stylish crime drama, casino.  (i did not share any photos of the “pixie” cut because it wasn’t my favorite party hair)


Robert James Hoffman III

(this doesn’t have too much to do with hair but it has everything to do with party)


here is an example of VERY BAD party hair everywhere.  i think ms. lohan should give her hair AND the party a tiny break.  messy.


Sebastien Telliers video LOOK from his album sexuality.  i love this song and the video! sexy sexy.


oh boy.  i don’t even know. i love him. his hair, his eyes, his everything.  drugs are bad. mmmkay?