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“THE PEEK-A-BOO BLONDE”,%20Veronica/Annex/Annex%20-%20Lake,%20Veronica%20(This%20Gun%20for%20Hire)_05.jpg

veronica lake was best known for her “peek-a-boo blonde” hair and icy attitude. the impact she(and her hair) had on society was so strong that during WWII the government actually FORCED her to wear her hair off of her face in order to set an example for the new female factory workers.  i guess too many injuries were occuring on the assembly lines because woman wanted to have party hair everywhere.



Second Coming // The Stone Roses To Reform???


i love you ian brown.  i love you, i love the stoned roses and i love the fact that you are still rocking party hair everywhere.  now that i know you will be performing in manchester this summer i am going to do everything i can to be there.  YES!


i can’t imagine what feels better in your hair than a cool calm breeze on a sexy summer day.  i cant WAIT for summer to be here! i think the bottom photo is especially beautiful.  sooooo much love.


<i>By Kemp Powers, Special to The Times</i><br> <br> Automobiles aren’t the only Detroit export that’s taken a hit due to the economy. The Motor City has also long been renowned as a creative center for avant-garde African American hairstyles, with its signature event for almost a quarter century the annual Hair Wars.<br> <br> Started in 1985 by Detroit-area promoter David “Hump the Grinder” Humphries, Hair Wars isn’t a competition, but more of a runway showcase that allows stylists to show off some of their most cutting-edge hairdos. It was at an early Hair Wars that the “Hairy-copter” (yes, a hairstyle in the shape of a helicopter with actual rotating blades, thanks to a battery pack on the model’s head) first wowed crowds.<br> <br> At its height in the mid-'90s, the show expanded to a 10-city national tour (including Los Angeles). But the struggling economy brought the national tour to a halt in 2006. Despite having to scale back, Hair Wars is still going strong in its home city, and last weekend more than 1,000 spectators packed the ballroom of the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Troy, Mich., for the 24th annual display of over-the-top hair fashion by such “hair entertainers” as Kevin Carter, Willie “Little Willie” Robinson, Tiffany “Tiff Da Barber” Brummitt and “Weaven” Steven Noss.<br> <br> Pictured: The participating stylists spend weeks, sometimes months, preparing their signature styles for the show. The models must then show up hours before show time to have the elaborate pieces installed, as was the case with this peacock-style hairdo, shown here during an early phase and ...

Though many of the hairstyles on display are practical, Hair Wars’ claim to fame is its over-the top tresses, such as the obviously titled “I-95” ...

A Hair Wars model prepares her makeup before hitting the runway.“what was a party with a little hair became lot’s of hair with an after party”

detroit should forget about saving the automotive industry and focus their attention on dj “hump the grinder” and his ‘gimmick parties’. it all started in 1985 for just a bit of fun in the club and has since grown into a nation wide success.
detroit knows how to do it.






I SAY YES!  i love this girl’s orange hair.  she definitely made my gray bushwick day a bit brighter.


IM DOWN FOR WHATEVER!  beth ditto is the jam.  i love her crazy style and i love her party hair.  she can definitely pull off whatever hair color she (her colorist) chooses. thanks for being such a sexy, plump, punk box fairy.


PURPLE WEED AND GREEN HAIR!  happy 420 everyone. we have “the waldos” to thank for coining the code word “420”  back in the 70’s.  hooray for stoned teenagers on a treasure hunt!

let’s smoke weed today for the waldos!



yesterday’s street DO was found on the corner of grand and roebling in williamsburg, brooklyn.   i think, if you’re going to wear hair like this you better make sure you wear it well. he does.  this gorgeous photo was taken by my favorite swedish transplant, kristinaN.  hopefully she will stay in NYC and help party hair with more street DO photos in the future!


“take care of your memories. for you cannot relive them”
bob dylan

bob dylan, in my opinion,  is probably one of the best songwriters ever. i love him and his party hair.  i especially love the second sleepy photo of him.  soooooo cute.


mmmmm i LOVE dirty hair.  there’s nothing like some raw, dirty party hair to keep things sexy.  i mean, do you really think they all got this sexy hair from shampooing?  i think not. so please, take control of how suggestive your hair is and put the bottle down.  shampoo bottle that is.