Monthly Archives: June 2010



on hot days like this all i want to do is dip my party hair in the water and splash it all around.  unfortunately, i don’t trust the city public pools and the beach is bit far.  today i will have to settle for a cool water rinse and a cherry popsicle.  refreshing AND delicious.



NOTHING!  this is the worst party hair EVER.  i mean, who styled this?  who published it?  WHY would she OK this?  i don't even get it.


dale bozzio bubble wrap


i think it’s safe to say that lady gaga has been jacking dale bozzio’s party style since the beginning of her career.  too bad gaga’s music will never be as cool as missing persons!  let’s hope that lady gaga took some notes and doesn’t end up in jail for being a cat hoarder the way dale did.  gross.