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do i look like the dude below with a ginger fro?  even just a little bit? be nice…



oh snap!  i mean, ginger snap.  this kid is so RAD.  not only is he sporting a super awesome fro, it’s an all natural GINGER FRO.  you can’t miss him. we spotted him in williamsburg near the graham ave L stop. 


i remember being in middle school and having the biggest crush on zach de la rocha.  i mean,  the sexiest.  i actually remember sneaking out of my house to go see RATM in detroit when i was teenager.  i was sure my parents wouldn’t let me go so i made up some elaborate lie and it was amazing.

unfortunately, the only machine we have now is florence and the machine and she is THE WORST.  i guess florence’s hair color is pretty but zach’s party hair is definitely where it’s at.  i wish she would go away and rage would come out with a new album.  in fact, let’s manifest this now…



here’s a photo of myself and two of my favorite bitches lovin up on charlie, one half of soul clap.  i highly recommend their blog, music, podcast, parties ect ect.  BIG love for them. 

annnnyways,  this photo was taken the night party hair was born.  i had this AMAZING idea to wear my hair like a rabbit tail, drink a bunch of whiskey (shocking) and tell everyone that i was gonna start a blog called party hair everywhere!  i must say i’m really proud of myself because i actually followed up on it and if you’re reading this then you know that party hair RULES!

so, if you have any party hair photos that you’d like to submit, please feel free to do so by emailing



Stephen Irwin, Untitled, 2008

Stephen Irwin, The Prodigal Son, 2007

Stephen Irwin, Untitled, 2008

Stephen Irwin, Untitled, 2008


Stephen Irwin, Untitled, 2007

Stephen Irwin, Untitled, 2007

these photos are so suggestive and sexual i can’t help but being turned on.  i guess vintage porn is sexy even after it’s been manipulated. wow, even the word manipulate sounds sexy to me after seeing these photos.

stephen irwin is a kentucky based artist with a “less is more” approach to his revamped party porn. he uses steel wool and all kinds of other art like things to erase most of what’s happening in the picture and really focus on all the erogenous zones.

my erotic imagination is running wild.

below is some dirty detroit techno by aaron-carl to set the mood. RIP x



WOW.  this spread for naag shot by hugh lippe is one of the prettiest i've seen in awhile.  i LOVE her jacket made of party hair and her hair color looks amazing as well. i want to be inside of these pictures because they look like a magical dream. 



if you don’t know, now you know.  no regular play.  google it.


Leigh-Bowery-1.jpg image by NicoleBedinger

photo.jpg leigh bowery 2 image seanrward75

bowery2.jpg Leigh Bowery image hunterblow

3af51ad0.jpg leigh bowery paki image rebeccalouisa

2b4ac122.jpg Leigh Bowery image totallyjamesstjames

1939_fergus_greer_leigh_bowery.jpg leigh image ChristopherBeing

GMA4707.jpg Leigh Bowery by Lucien Freud image roi-uva

“I don’t want to be remembered as a person with aids, I want to be remembered as a person with ideas.”‘
leigh bowery 
March 26, 1961 – December 31 1994

performance artist, actor, model, club promoter, designer, walking art installation, number one party dude, leigh bowery did it all!
he was born in sunshine.  literally, in the melbourne suburb of sunshine, victoria.  he later moved to london where he quickly made a name for himself hosting the thursday night polysexual disco club night called “taboo”.

he unfortunately succumbed to an aids related illness on NYE of 1994 reportedly pronouncing on his death bed “tell them i’ve gone pig farming in bolivia” 

though bowery isn’t here to see it, his work definitely parties on influencing runways and fashion designers everywhere….







It's only a matter of time before you are too!  i'm not sure if you've noticed but curls are back and sexier than ever.  this past september kate was featured in paris vouge AND on the cover of W magazine sporting some VERY seriously sexy party curls.  so ladies (and gents) throw your flat irons away and start embracing your natural frizzy curls.  i promise you,  it IS better to look a little undone.  polished hair is so over. 



janet susan mary hoffman was a total party princess and factory superstar back in the 60’s. andy warhol nicknamed her viva after she starred in bike boy, directed by warhol.  viva would later become one of the early pioneers in video art with her husband michel auder

her hair is obviously amazing and can we talk about her cheekbones for a minute?  seriously,  she was so pretty.  i bet she still is.  she is currently living in palm springs, california painting landscapes. boooooring.  altough i guess it’s cool becuase she’s in her 70’s and her art work IS full of pretty colors.  you can check some of it out here.