Leigh-Bowery-1.jpg image by NicoleBedinger

photo.jpg leigh bowery 2 image seanrward75

bowery2.jpg Leigh Bowery image hunterblow

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2b4ac122.jpg Leigh Bowery image totallyjamesstjames

1939_fergus_greer_leigh_bowery.jpg leigh image ChristopherBeing

GMA4707.jpg Leigh Bowery by Lucien Freud image roi-uva

“I don’t want to be remembered as a person with aids, I want to be remembered as a person with ideas.”‘
leigh bowery 
March 26, 1961 – December 31 1994

performance artist, actor, model, club promoter, designer, walking art installation, number one party dude, leigh bowery did it all!
he was born in sunshine.  literally, in the melbourne suburb of sunshine, victoria.  he later moved to london where he quickly made a name for himself hosting the thursday night polysexual disco club night called “taboo”.

he unfortunately succumbed to an aids related illness on NYE of 1994 reportedly pronouncing on his death bed “tell them i’ve gone pig farming in bolivia” 

though bowery isn’t here to see it, his work definitely parties on influencing runways and fashion designers everywhere….


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