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that’s right!  at my house when we fix our wigs we sip on champagne and snack on caviar.  it’s amazing to be so decadent and yet so poor at the same time.  i mean, who cares about rent when we can eat roe. right?

let’s dance!




let me start off by saying that the rolling stones are my favorite party band ever and mick jagger’s voice makes me swoon a million times over.  now, his acting on the other hand, not so much.  HOWEVER, i love him as a drag queen in the beginning of sean mathias and martin sherman’s 1997 film, bent.  i guess that’s because he is doing what he does best: serenading a stylish crowd with his voice.

the movie overall is terribly sad but some highlights are the video i posted above and the video i posted below of clive owen and lothaire bluteau “making love”.  i find this scene sweet, sad, hilarious and sexy at the same time.  what do you think?



here i am posing in one of my favorite NYC bathrooms at the rivington hotel.  now THIS is true party hair.  i would say my hair is about 6 parties deep for sure.  it was a busy week…


Ghetto Nailed

i can’t believe it’s taken me this long to talk about party nails!  i guess i haven’t thought about party nails since i quit doing mine three years ago.  i’m currently going for the more natural approach but this song by drake is making me change my mind a bit.  i think he’s on to something….

nails done hairs done, everything big
and my NY girls let me see your hands
wave em at the bitches hating on you with their friends
girl you got it
let em know everything big
nails done hairs done, everything BIG

so i never really listen to the radio because i live in NY and i am never in cars.  however, last saturday night i had the privilege of driving around in my friends car and i couldn’t believe all of this amazing radio music i was missing out on.  actually, not really.  i just LOVED this song.  you fancy huh?

also,  make sure to check out  funny shit.








OMAHRYA!  and how amazing are those photos of her and boyd holbrook?  so hot.  more on him tomorrow…


also, let us not forget norma jean bell, the original baddest bitch 🙂



alright, let’s take a minute to talk about the beautiful gorgeous deliciousness that is gaspard ulliel.  my infatuation with gaspard began when i first saw the movie paris, je t’aime.  i mean, just look at those dark luscious party locks and ridiculously dreamy eyes.  how can you NOT think he is sexy?

i especially j’adore the scar on his left cheek. the scar is the result of a dogs scratch after trying to ride it like a horse when he was a little man. total sex.

oh yeah,  i also like his movies or whatever.  honestly,  i have seen most of his movies and i can’t actually tell you what any of them are about.  except for the short film featured in paris, je t’aime posted above.

gaspard is currently the face of longchamp along with kate moss.  just another reason to be jealous of kate!


i bet their parents are so proud of them!  i must say though, as far as pop music is concerned these days, these little baby party sluts are WAY cooler than katy perry and kelly clarkson.