alright, let’s take a minute to talk about the beautiful gorgeous deliciousness that is gaspard ulliel.  my infatuation with gaspard began when i first saw the movie paris, je t’aime.  i mean, just look at those dark luscious party locks and ridiculously dreamy eyes.  how can you NOT think he is sexy?

i especially j’adore the scar on his left cheek. the scar is the result of a dogs scratch after trying to ride it like a horse when he was a little man. total sex.

oh yeah,  i also like his movies or whatever.  honestly,  i have seen most of his movies and i can’t actually tell you what any of them are about.  except for the short film featured in paris, je t’aime posted above.

gaspard is currently the face of longchamp along with kate moss.  just another reason to be jealous of kate!


One thought on “MARRY ME.

  1. voidinfrance says:

    He needs to stop shaving for a few weeks

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