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holy amazing!  her airbrushed face, her white tears and her white hair are just perfect.  i love this picture.




WILCO is one of my most favorite bands.  i can’t really say they are much of a party band because most of them are dad’s and mellow dudes.  however,  since i did their hair in these photos i figured i can blog about them.  yes, that’s right, i got to hang out with the camel in the photo above.  he was really smelly and sort of disgusting.

seriously though, what an amazing group of men.  they are all incredibly nice, talented, a total joy to be around AND listen to.

also, if you are a fan of wilco and haven’t heard of the autumn defense yet i suggest you check them out.  the autumn defense is an indie band, composed of multi-instrumentalists
john stirratt and pat sansone (both in wilco).



EVERYWHERE!  i just spent the most magical week in mexico so that i could get the most perfect party hair. this photo was taken after many day’s of dancing on the beach, in the jungle and in caves.  8 days to be exact. i must say that the ocean and no shampoo is the MOST AMAZING for my curls.  if you don’t live near the ocean but want that salty feeling i suggest the bumble and bumble surf spray.  it won’t be the same as being in a tropical climate but it’s a start.


Martin Luther King, Jr.  (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968)


james blake!  seriously,  this kid makes me REALLY emotional.  what a gem he is.  i don’t remember the last time i heard anything as magical as his song the wilhelms scream (video above). Blake is a 22 year old british electronic producer and his debut album will be out in feb of this year.

because his voice is so intoxicating this is what i’ll be listening to all week while i detoxify my body of party.  gotta get some from somewhere right?


i haven't had a phone since jan 3rd.  i have no idea what's going on.