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here we have a campaign for canon’s pixma ink printer brand.  the creative folk over at dentsu studio teamed up with photographer linden gledhill to create these lovely paint sculptures using sound vibrations. i LOVE the results.  color and sound are two of my favorite things on this earth so it makes perfect sense that when mixed together they create beauty.



don't tell me what to do!


BWHAHAHAHAHH look at eminem!  what a little ginger nerd.  as for the rest of them, well, everybody knows that black babies are the cutest.



oh yes, there's more!  did you really think that party hair ended on your head?  NO NO NO,  the party continues down south and all around.  and if you can't reach your back, don't be scared to ask a friend for help.  bonding is fun.



Bald Celebs 

long hair, dreads, braids, up do, whatever, india arie is the prettiest and her voice is amazing too.


I SAY YES.  such great styling for such a little party favor.  LOOK AT HER LITTLE SHOES!  too cute.


maria schneider
march 27, 1952 – february 3, 2011



Click on people’s faces in the photo to tag them.
Finian will be asked to approve all tags before others can see them.

Click on people’s faces in the photo to tag them.
Finian will be asked to approve all tags before others can see them.

it seems that california and sexy surfer dudes are about the only thing on my mind lately.  what i love best about surfer dudes (besides their bodies) is how bleached out blonde the ocean and the sun make their hair, always leaving the perfect amount of shadow at the root.  just excellent.

the top and bottom photo’s are of my personal favorite west coast sun child 🙂


Meg White in Dublin, 2002

well, i guess the white stripes‘ end was inevitable but that doesn’t make me any less sad.  i really loved them a lot and i’m really grateful that i was lucky enough to see them live three times.  and yes, it was amazing.  the things jack white can do with a guitar is really something you should see first hand.  yum.  total turn on.

and not for nothing,  the party is only over for meg because jack will party on with the raconteurs and his third band, the dead weather.

you can click here to read the bands full statement.

p.s. this video was directed by sofia coppola if you give a shit.