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here are a few short films by kenneth anger.  the first two videos i posted are two parts of the original “rabbit’s moon” short film.  it was filmed in 1950 and later completed in 1972.  the bottom version of rabbits moon is the same footage from 1950, only sped up and to the beat of a different soundtrack.  i like them both.  i also included angers short film titled “puce moment”  about young actresses in their large mansions in 1940’s hollywood. (yvonne marquis who later went off to live in mexico as their presidents mistress starred in this film)

anger himself was born in santa monica,  california and currently lives in NYC.  he has been described as “one of America’s first openly gay filmmakers, and certainly the first whose work addressed homosexuality in an undisguised, self-implicating manner”

SOOOOOOO for all you homo’s out there.  below i posted his 1947 film “fireworks” starring HIMSELF.  anger would later state in 1966 that “this flick is all i have to say about being 17, the united states navy, american christmas and the fourth of july.”



here are two videos i took two weeks ago of james blake performing at the williamsburg music hall.  this was his first time performing in NYC and everyone in the audience undoubtedly felt like we were a part of something special.  the whole show was really magical and i highly recommend you see him perform if you ever have the chance. if not for the music but then to see how tall and dreamy he is in person!


Liz Taylor was a beautiful child

Elizabeth Taylor picture - Elizabeth-Taylor-5.jpg

“When people say, ‘She’s got everything’, I’ve got one answer – I haven’t had tomorrow.”

dame elizabeth rosemond taylor

(February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011)

i wish i had thought to post about liz taylor before her death.  what a beauty she was.


start your day off right with this delicious re-mix by soul clap!  if this doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside then i don’t think we can be friends any more.


these pictures are SO COOL!  i love the colors in all of them so much it’s actually hard to choose a favorite.  hugh turvey has been playing with X RAY photography since 1996 and is the man responsible for these gems, he said:

“I’m driven by my curiosity. It’s about discovering the world around us. As a kid I would take things apart to see what was inside and how they worked. I have an insane curiosity for how things work. X-ray gives me a way to get that insight and turn it into art”

i think it’s safe to say he’s mastered his technique!  what will be next?


SOOOOOO you know how sometimes you have those nights when you say “i’m not going out.  i’m gonna be a good girl tonight and play by the rules.”   right, well, those are ALWAYS the nights you party the hardest.  hence, stripes and hair and shit.  i was SURE i wasn’t going out this night when i  decided to break my rules and  join the party for  “just an hour”, “just a drink” LIES.  #stripesandhairandshit


only the jacket is mine


have YOU seen sergio the SEXY SAX MAN?!  last night i had dinner at my friend ashley’s house and she showed me this video.  i could not stop laughing.  this guy is hilarious!  i hope i run into him on the streets of los angeles and he serenades ME with the careless whisper.  not to mention his amazing party locks, what a dreamboat! sigh…….


nathaniel dwayne hale (august 19, 1969 – march 15, 2011), better known by his stage name, nate dogg


e-heavy’s tribute to nate dogg


apparently shitty youtube sensations are the new black. i honestly see ZERO reason why this little party monster should have nearly 6 MILLION views on youtube.  that’s right, 6 million.  and who’s the black dude?

anyways, you know who’s funnier than this poor girl?  my friend mike bauer. here is his parody channeling bob dylan:

and for a REAL LAUGH read the youtube comments.  people can be SO RERARDED. i think it would be really great if we could call all of the internet god’s and get jimmy fallon and mike together.  wouldn’t it be amazing to see bob and neil perform a duet of this timeless classic?!







oh yes, with a wig like that you most certainly are “THE MAN”.  i snuck this photo on the JMZ train heading over the williamsburg bridge. i wonder if THE MAN will be mad at me.  probs not.  he know’s he looks cool.

also, it should be noted that in red his shirt reads “THE LEGEND” with an arrow pointing down!  uuuummmmmmazing.