here are a few short films by kenneth anger.  the first two videos i posted are two parts of the original “rabbit’s moon” short film.  it was filmed in 1950 and later completed in 1972.  the bottom version of rabbits moon is the same footage from 1950, only sped up and to the beat of a different soundtrack.  i like them both.  i also included angers short film titled “puce moment”  about young actresses in their large mansions in 1940’s hollywood. (yvonne marquis who later went off to live in mexico as their presidents mistress starred in this film)

anger himself was born in santa monica,  california and currently lives in NYC.  he has been described as “one of America’s first openly gay filmmakers, and certainly the first whose work addressed homosexuality in an undisguised, self-implicating manner”

SOOOOOOO for all you homo’s out there.  below i posted his 1947 film “fireworks” starring HIMSELF.  anger would later state in 1966 that “this flick is all i have to say about being 17, the united states navy, american christmas and the fourth of july.”


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