Monthly Archives: May 2011


i really loved these two photos today.  so much color it makes my eyes happy!  the bottom photo is an accident that happened in boston this afternoon.  the truck lost control on a ramp and was impaled on a guard rail, puncturing the ink containers inside. SO PRETTY! (no one was injured)


now THIS!  this really turns me on.  i love his barely there eyebrows and icy blue eyes with that platinum fur on his head. delicious.


my beautiful mother. happy mothers day!!!!

(p.s, thats me in the bottom photo)


why is it that every time i wash my hair it looks like shit?  c’mon maaaaan FUNK DAT


i can hardly even find words to describe how beautiful francoise hardy was and STILL is.  she’s a total icon of fashion and beauty.  i mean, her music is OK but i prefer to look at her rather than listen to her if i’m being honest here.

i especially love the way her color looks in the bottom photo. i know it’s black and white but you can tell by the way the light hit’s it that it’s been done juuuuuuust right.