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KILLING ME.  actually not really,  however, i really like this 🙂



Definition of LEG

 a limb of an animal used especially for supporting the body and for walking: as a
a (1) : one of the paired vertebrate limbs that in bipeds extend from the top of the thigh to the foot
   (2) : the part of such a limb between the knee and foot
b : the back half of a hindquarter of a meat animal
c : one of the rather generalized segmental appendages of an arthropod used in walking and crawling
ummmmm whatever, these limbs are SEXY.  for those of you that know me then you know this is just the beginning.  just WAIT until i do my post on male legs.  i have such a fetish for male legs.  i don’t get it but i’m into it.
to be continued…


here’s something for your ears and eyes.  this video and jamies voice are so dreamy.  melikes.

if you’re in brooklyn next week you’d be crazy to miss him playing at the glasslands,  one of my favorite interactive galleries!


wow.  what a bunch of dickheads!!!! hahaha literally.  i’m not actually a fan of armand van helden or a-trak but this video is pretty hilarious.


for YEARS i was convinced that burning man was not for me.  no way did i want to spend a week in the desert with all those freaking techno hippies.  even minutes before loading into the RV and heading to black rock city, i was sure i would never make this trip again.  if i was gonna spend this much money to go somewhere it was gonna be MUCH more exciting.  somewhere like thailand, indonesia or japan.  WRONG!!!!!!!

burning man was, hands down, the best week of my entire life (so far).  i had no idea what i was getting myself into and i couldn’t be more grateful for that dusty week on the playa. i saw things i could never have dreamt of, met the most amazing people, fell in love a million times and saw THE most amazing sunrises ever.

unfortunately i broke my camera within an hour of being there (shocking) so here are some highlights i borrowed from friends.

one particular morning i was riding my bike somewhere when i fell off.  it was perfect. i fell off my bike right in front of playa skool and lee burridge was playing.  it pretty much doesn’t get better than that.  i ended up staying there and dancing ALL DAY.  below is a video my friend found on you tube from that day.  i’m not sure who took this video but they captured me standing up to tell lee “ohmygodthisisthebestdayofmyentirelifeiloveyouthankyou!!!!!” AMAZING

and a very special thank you to marcia and our liquid sky family.  you guys are the best ❤



today i’m thankful that marilyn monroe agreed to dress up as a slutty pilgrim for this photo shoot.  what a gem.  happy thanksgiving kids 🙂


i’m also thankful for one of my best friends, brian.  today is his birthday,  i love him and my world would not be the same without him in it.  I LOVE YOU BUDDY


this is, quite possibly, one of the sexiest female models i have ever seen.  i mean, i’m not a lesbian or anything but this beuate has got me seriously reconsidering.

dioni tabbers is barely 21, a total chameleon and oozing sexuality.  where will we find her next?


what a stud. i love this beast and his johnny bravo hair.  HOT.