I know a salad doesn’t seem like such a big deal but it really is. It’s been WEEKS since I’ve eaten any lettuce. I figured that since I’m Singapore now it’s safe to eat uncooked food. I did not anticipate how expensive Singapore actually is though.

I sat down at a cafe on orchard road with the intention to eat a salad. That is, until the waiter brought me the menu and I realized that a salad in Singapore costs $20!!! This is obviously not in my budget. I ordered a diet coke instead and decided I would probably have to eat canned tuna and ramen the entire time I’m here. How depressing.
The man sitting at the bar must have seen the disappointment in my eyes when I settled for a diet coke instead of this salad I had been dreaming about because 15 minutes later, and much to my surprise, a salad arrived at my table!!! Courtesy of the nice man at the bar. Thank you kind sir whoever you are.


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