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cindy sherman’s exhibition at the MOMA right now is ONE reason i am missing NY so badly today. if you live in NY and do not go to this before it disappears you must be a crazy person. i can only imagine what pure genius it is.


WMC 2012

photos courtesy of the lovely elena gorelik

ALRIGHT, here we go, back to regularly scheduled party hair. i finally made it back to the good ol’ USA and my first stop was good ol’ MIA for the WMC.

ok, i’ll stop talking like that. i’m actually annoying myself.

ANYWAYS, so yes, i came to miami to dance and play with my friends and here are a few things i learned from my week in the sun:

1. miami is more fun when drugs and alcohol are involved
2. every girl/guy you’ve ever dated has probably had sex with everyone at WMC
3. i spent more money in miami in one week than an entire month in asia
4. next year a driver will be required
5. devonté hynes, aka blood orange played the most amazing music i heard all week. he’s also the sexiest person i met all week. maybe it was the music.
6. craig richards is my new favorite dj
7. demf is more fun
8. i love you all ❤


i was going to do it. i’m serious. i had every intention of going home. i was all packed up and leaving for the airport in just 2 hours. i decided my last hours in hanoi should be spent over at beer corner. this is where i could nurse my hangover and get my last bit of people watching in. that’s when i spotted jonathan…

i walked over to say hello but he seemed quite shy so i smiled and went back to my original seat. that’s when his friend roped me back in. we all got to chatting and as it turns out, they are at the very beginning of their one month, motorbike, vietnam road trip. AMAZING.

now this is the kind of trip i could get down with. bikes, boys and a beautiful country. too bad i had to leave. like NOW.

this is when they offered to buy me a new plane ticket home if i would join them.

the conversation went like this:

“you should join us!!”
“i really can’t, i have to go home”
“why, do you have a job?”
“then why do you have to go home”
“well, i guess i don’t have to”
“then stay, we’ll get you a new plane ticket home”
“hmmmmmmmmm SOLD”

now i know this sounds crazy and that’s because it was. whatever, i came to get down and these dudes seemed like pros. except for jonathan, this was his first motorbike trip. instead of hopping on the back of his bike, i hopped on the back of andrews. andrew is jonathan’s boss, a retired road racer and overall badass. so, i ditched my shit, bought some gear and hopped on. split decisions are the best decisions.

these are a few photos from my extended month in vietnam. there were 6 bikes in total, around 4000 kilometers of distance traveled, one crash (ouch) and some of the most amazing people i have ever encountered. sometimes, i think i must be one of the luckiest girls around 🙂







Halong bay caves were pretty but I felt like cattle being herd around with the amount of tourists that were in there. It was also really expensive. The rebel rave in a cave was more fun. No doubt.