WMC 2012

photos courtesy of the lovely elena gorelik

ALRIGHT, here we go, back to regularly scheduled party hair. i finally made it back to the good ol’ USA and my first stop was good ol’ MIA for the WMC.

ok, i’ll stop talking like that. i’m actually annoying myself.

ANYWAYS, so yes, i came to miami to dance and play with my friends and here are a few things i learned from my week in the sun:

1. miami is more fun when drugs and alcohol are involved
2. every girl/guy you’ve ever dated has probably had sex with everyone at WMC
3. i spent more money in miami in one week than an entire month in asia
4. next year a driver will be required
5. devonté hynes, aka blood orange played the most amazing music i heard all week. he’s also the sexiest person i met all week. maybe it was the music.
6. craig richards is my new favorite dj
7. demf is more fun
8. i love you all ❤


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