Monthly Archives: April 2012


photo by kate bellm

the video above was filmed in berlin and inspired by the video below. very cool. i love skateboarders and i love color and i love berlin. lot’s of love here.



are you kidding me? i don’t even have anything to say except that grace jones is probably the coolest person in the world. FACT.

i mean, look at this woman!!! she’s a beautiful, bold, slightly terrifying, androgynous, dominating, talented, musician, model, actress, fashionista and overall bad ass. a force of nature indeed.


wow. charlie le mindu is such a stud. i mean, i’m not sure who else can get away with sending models down the runway COMPLETELY naked!! and let’s be honest, they’re modeling his wigs not his clothing; i say fair enough.

charlie is a french-born hairstylist and headpiece designer now based in london. he established himself as ‘resident hairdresser’ at berlin nightclubs and now operates a salon out of his east london home. love it.


easter has arrived. really looking forward to the ham.


look at these sassy little party girls! i love it. no really, i love do it yourself hair. it’s so fresh and fun and “idon’tgiveafuck” sort of attitude. my kind of girls. unless you did your DIY hair like the girl pictured below. then you just look stupid. sorry.


i love absolutely everything about this photo. yup, everything.


here’s what happens when you mix a fish bowl, a high speed camera, liquid ink, pantha du prince and alberto seveso. alberto is an italian born graphic designer and illustrator. above are some photos from his new series “a due colori”. the photos of pantha du prince are NOT from that series but previous work of albertos for some electronic magazine or something. i had to throw them in because I LOVE pantha du prince.