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this is one of the craziest most amazing videos i have seen in a really long time. it’s so scary and beautiful and guillaume nery is super sexy so watch it!



i’ll never forget the first time i saw stand by me. i obviously thought the movie was for dudes and SUPER lame but i watched it over and over anyhow because i was in love. it’s true. i was madly in love with river phoenix. of course, by the time i saw the movie he had already passed away and my plans to marry him and have 10,000 of his babies were demolished. today is his birthday and he would’ve been 42. today i’ll re-watch my own private idaho


photos by thomas hawk

holi is a religious festival that happens in the spring to celebrate the changing of seasons. traditionally the festival is celebrated by hindus but in these modern days you will find people all over the world celebrating this magical festival of color. these photos above are proof of that; they were taken in UTAH (if you can believe that).


when i was in my early 20’s i dated this guy who was an actor. this was before my “i only date bartenders” phase. what a phase THAT was. anyway, he would always sing “she don’t use jelly” to me and change the words around to match my name. it always made me laugh. i liked that guy.


i think you get the idea. you can see more of dina goldsteins work here


surfing is the scariest thing i wish i could do.