i still can’t believe that this actually happened. here are a few photos and videos of the day that we all decided to jump from an airplane and leave our worries in the sky. this was actually the reason i jumped. i had been feeling so bad i couldn’t think of anything else to forget my woes. ahahahhahah it worked.

we didn’t think we would actually get to make our jump as it was raining and the day was getting late. in fact, we ate schnitzel and drank all day because the rain didn’t seem to be letting up. sure enough, at 19:15, the rain stopped, the sun came out and we were rushed off for the sunset jump! the whole experience couldn’t have been more perfect.

below is a video of hesam’s jump which actually makes me laugh harder than anything “MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! YEAAAAAHHHH” hahahhaahha so great.

and then the final video, which is of us, jamming out in the car, super happy and elated that we just cheated death. sort of.


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